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英文片名Tina Turner: One Last Time Live in Concert & Celebrate!
中文片名演唱会 (2000)
文件大小 34.61 GB, 蓝光原盘 1080i
音轨 英语 DTS-HDMA 4.1
英语 LPCM 2.0
字幕 无字幕

Name : Tina Turner: One Last Time Live in Concert & Celebrate!
Year: 2000/1999
Genre : Rock, Pop, Soul, R'n'B
Directed by David Male , Barry Ryan
Artist: Tina Turner , Ivona Brnelic, Claire Louise Thorton , Solange Gyune , Jack Bruno , Joel Campbell, Stacey Campbell , Lisa Fischer , Euge Groove


One Last Time Live In Concert was filmed in 2000 at Wembley Stadium - London and not only the stadium was gigantic, also the big stage with many floors. Tina started by 'I Want To Take You Higher' dressed in a black latex-suit hot and funkin '. The first live cracker is 'Acid Queen', also featured in the musical Tommy by The Who. Tina is roaring her soul out to keep the devil away. It melts musically into the gospel-hit 'River Deep Mointain High'. All The Males can dream by closed eyes of Tina being their private dancer in their separée by the hot burlesque-outfit by 'Private Dancer'. By the disco-hit 'When The Heart Ache Is Over' not only Tina and her female dancers are in motion, all the fans at Wembley were dancin ', clappin' and singin 'to the beats. As highlight can be entitled 'Help!' With a black piano on stage, only Joe Cocker was missing ... You can call 'Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay' back to her Tennessee roots, her vocal-intro-solo manifests her stunning voice live. Hellish hot and absolute highlight by the pyro-show, Tina and girlies in sexy latex again is the version of 'Heard It With The Grapevine' the soulful variety. Proud Mary is nice and easy the gospel tradition. Tina is boogiyin 'and shakin' all over. 'Nutbush City' is kickin 'ass again and Wembley was London's tollhouse. Euge Groove was blowing hot-saxophone-air into the wind. And Tina is the queen at the song-final in a crane in height above her fans. She even dances non secured on the traverse. Crazy and weird ... The show is concluded by 'Twenty Four Seven', Tina dancin 'all over the stage and even direct in front of her fans in direct contact and close-up. Tina being not shy at all and being fearless. One of the greatest live-shows of the millennium was over.

Celebrate! was captivating the show for the 60th birthday of Tina Turner. It contains off course birthday-wishes for the jubilee, amongst others by David Bowie, Sir Paul McCartney, Sting and Mariah Carey. Tina is telling in short interviews stories in reference to each song and video-footages were integrated. The most interesting of them is definitely the one for 'Nutbush City Limits' filmed in the small city in the state of Tennessee showing views of it, Tina's birth-place and rural views. Tina is even so open to talk about her first husband Ike "Bad Guy" Turner. Cher or Mark Knopfler are talking about their souvenirs of Ike & Tina and concert-excerpts are presented. But the most important is off course the music. Tina was really at her best by her rock'n roll and gospel-soul-titles. It starts utmost magically by 'River Deep Mountain High'. All the musicians playin 'live are the crown of the crown, but one guy, John Miles has to be mentioned as outstanding, he was also the big chief of the band. 'Whatever You Need'is the gospel style with a choir singing harmoniously. 'Don't Leave Me This Way' was classically arranged with a string-orchestra. Tina's voice is ever so sultry. 'Let's Stay Together is in its unplugged version. By 'Hold On I'm Coming' with a hot sax solo TT not only sings the dynamic style, she moves ever so hot showing her legs, wearing a red mini-dress with sequins and here dancers are dressed in silver. Sexy, sexy, sexy! By 'It's Only Love' and 'Without You' her very special tour-guest that time and friend Bryan Adams joined in. The highlight is definitely 'Nutbush-City'as rocker. Raunchy guitars and the steamy voice of Tina made the audience go crazy. By here hit 'The Best' the birthday bash was concluded. Tina gets close to the stage dancin 'around and you feel the passion for her fans.

Tracklist :
• One Last Time Live In Concert
01 . I Want To Take You Higher
02 . Absolutely Nothing's Changed
03 . Fool In Love
04 . Acid Queen
05 . River Deep Mountain High
06 . We Don't Need Another Hero
07 . Better Be Good To Me
08 . Private Dancer
09 . Let's Stay Together
10 . What's Love Got To Do With It
11 . When The Heartache Is Over
12 . Help
13 . Whatever You Need
14 . Sittin 'On The Dock Of The Bay
15 . Try A Little Tenderness
16 . I Heard It Through The Grapevine
17 . Addicted To Love
18 . Simply The Best
19 . Proud Mary
20 . Nutbush City Limits
21 . Twenty Four Seven
• Celebrate
01 . River deep mountain high
02. 24-7
03 . What's love got to do with it
04 . Steamy windows
05 . When the heartache is over
06 . Whatever you need
07 . Don't leave me this way
08 . Let's stay together
09 . Talk to my heart
10 . Hold on I'm coming
11 . It's only love
12 . Without you
13 . All the woman
14 . Nutbush city limits
15 . The best

Issued: UK | Eagle Rock Entertainment
Duration: 2:01:08 + 1:26:31