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英文片名Kansas: There's Know Place Like Home
中文片名肯萨斯合唱团托皮卡演唱会 (2009)
文件大小 27.57 GB, 蓝光原盘 1080i
音轨 英语 LPCM 5.1
英语 AC3 5.1
英语 LPCM 2.0
英语 AC3 2.0
字幕 无字幕

◎译  名 肯萨斯合唱团托皮卡演唱会/Kansas家的温暖现场实录
◎片  名 Kansas: There's Know Place Like Home
◎年  代 2009
◎国  家 美国
◎类  别 演唱会/音乐
◎语  言 英语
◎片  长 104 min 58 sec
◎主  演 Phil Ehart
      Billy Greer
      Dave Ragsdale
      Steve Walsh
      Richard Williams

◎简  介 

  一个词——史诗,非常棒的史诗现场Live!Kansas非常棒!Ehart, Williams, Walsh, Greer与Ragsdale加入了50人的交响乐团,他们的表演令人难以忘怀!Steve Walsh让人惊愕,表演非常精彩!他的表演绝不走调,声音清晰,振耳发聩。这是1990年以来听到他最好的表演!在表演"Ghosts, "Nobody's Home," "The Other Side," 和 "Dust In The Wind"最出彩!Ehart的鼓打得也极具震撼力,看他表演打鼓技巧真是不错的享受。Greer的Bass表演也出神入化,在背景唱词上也很不错!尤其是他与Walsh一起和声时,效果非常棒!Rich Williams就是做自己最擅长的事 ——"The Wall" 与 "Carry On"。但是最令人难忘和有趣的还是看Ragsdale表演。这家伙表演天赋极高。就和Robby Steinhardt一样,Ragsdale是闪电客,也是最富激情的表演者。如果这还不够的话,还看到了友情客串的Kerry Livgren 和Steve Morse,后者是"Musicatto"的炽热队长,现在大都相信他是非人类的! Livgren也非常了不起,看见他在"The Wall"一曲中表演管乐的。当然这也是50位其他明星的秀——交响乐。他们的表演给所有的史诗歌曲都增添了光彩,组成一个乐队,配合非常好。可以说,那是天堂里的火柴,此曲只应天上有,人间那得几回闻!"Nobody's Home"尤其感人。指挥也非常逗趣。简单说,这一张蓝光碟抓住了Kansas最好的一晚表演。应该指出,拍摄和舞台灯光也无与伦比。毫无疑问,这一张蓝光碟不光将Live At The Whiskey and Device-Voice-Drum吹得烟消云散,还使得他们相形见绌,out了!演出曲目来自10张不同的专辑,因此这事Kansas粉丝一个划时代的里程碑。粉丝应该人手一份,强烈推荐!



  1970年成军的老牌摇滚乐团KANSAS(肯萨斯合唱团)是第一个使用美国地名作为团名的摇滚团体,也是第一个将小提琴融入摇滚乐的团体,他们的音乐往往都在两种完全不同的方向中进行,不过在编曲和伴奏上往往也都能够配合着主题的化而有所转变,这也是他们特有的音乐风格。其扎实宽广的作风及前卫的实验精神,奠立了其在摇滚史上不可动摇的地位,许多对80年代后期摇滚乐风影响甚大的作品皆出自他们之手,其中被民谣吉他界奉为圭宝的作品《Dust In The Wind》即为不可多得的传世经典之一。喜欢美剧《Supernatural》的美剧迷们肯定对Kansas 的《Carry On Wayward Son》再熟悉不过了。

Original title: Kansas: There's Know Place Like Home
Released: 2009
Genre: Rock
Directed by: Jeff Glixman
Artist: Phil Ehart, Billy Greer, Kansas, Kerry Livgren, Steve Morse, David Ragsdale, Steve Walsh, Richard Williams, Washburn University Orchestra

All these years later, Kansas still rule the classic rock radio airwaves, and continue to put on simply spellbinding shows of the highest caliber. And what better way to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of Kansas self-titled 1974 debut than with a live DVD, There s Know Place Like Home, which will be released on September 28th, 2009. A hi-def for Blu-ray release (mixed in 5.1 surround sound), the show was filmed on February 7th of this year in their home state (at Washburn University s White Concert Hall), and was certainly not your average affair. For this show, the group - which includes singer / keyboardist Steve Walsh, guitarist Rich Williams, violinist David Ragsdale, bassist Billy Greer, and drummer Phil Ehart was united with former members Kerry Livgren (guitar / keyboards) and Steve Morse (guitar), as well as the 50-piece Washburn University Orchestra.

When asked how it was to play alongside an orchestra, Ehart responds, It's always an adventure. Adding another 50 people to your band can always prove eventful. Our biggest memories are usually of certain symphonies that look down their noses at our music. What's funny about this is that those symphonies are usually the ones that have the most trouble playing our scores! And when the topic of playing with Livgren and Morse comes up, Williams gets downright philosophical. Very comfortable ... like loose fitting underwear. Comprised of a solid track listing that includes fine renditions of Kansas classics (Dust in the Wind, Carry On Wayward Son, etc.) And fan favorites (Hold On, On the Other Side, etc.), There s Know Place Like Home will surely go down as one of the group s best-ever live performances.

In addition to the DVD s release, Kansas members (save Walsh) have released the debut of their new side band, Native Window, which issued their self-titled album on June 23rd, and open for Kansas on the summer / fall tours. And as far as Kansas popularity, it continues to flourish, as their classic ballad, Dust in the Wind recently obtained gold status as a digital download, while their classic rocker, Carry On Wayward Son, is featured on the games Guitar Hero II and Rock Band II. They still get a lot of attention, still get a lot of airplay, says Williams about the enduring popularity of Kansas songs. They have retained a relevance through the years, that only a small percent of recordings do. With the release of There s Know Place Like Home and the supporting tour, Kansas will prove this theory as fact once again this summer and fall.


1. Howling At The Moon
2. Belexes
3. Point Of No Return
4. Song For America
5. On The Other Side
6. Musicatto
7. Ghosts / Rainmaker
8. Nobody's Home
9. Hold On
10. Cheyenne Anthem
11. Icarus II
12. Icarus: Borne On The Wings Of Steel
13. Miracles Out Of Nowhere
14. The Wall
15. Fight Fire With Fire
16. Dust In The Wind
17. Carry On Wayward Son

Issued: United States | Starlight
Length: 1:44:58