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中文片名探索频道.昆虫系列 (1999)
文件大小 8.68 GB, HDTV RiP 720p
文件格式 MKV/x264
音轨 英语 AC3 2.0
字幕 无字幕

Genre: Documentary
Year: 1999
Studio: Goldhil Entertainment
Director: German Gutierrez

Insects have been around for more than 220 million years. As thecenturies go by, they continue to evolve, reinventing themselves andclaiming any ecological niche. They are evolution's most successfulcreation, representing 80% of all the world's animals. Their diversityis unmatched by any other species and their combined mass exceeds thatof all mammals. Most importantly, they're the inventors of paper,sonar, chemical warfare, air conditioning, job specialization, and evencattle breeding. INSECTIA is a 13-part documentary series that puts anentertaining spin on the fascinating world of insects. Hosted by theinternationally renowned entomologist Georges Brossard, INSECTIA is theultimate analogy between insects and humans.
昆虫已出现多2.2亿年。作为thecenturies去,他们继续演变,重塑自己andclaiming任何生态环境。他们是进化的最 successfulcreation ,占80 %,世界上所有的动物。他们diversityis无与伦比的,由任何其他物种以及它们之间的组合质量超过thatof所有哺乳动物。最重要的是,他们发明的纸张,声纳,化学战,空调,工作专业化,并evencattle滋生。 insectia是一个13部分的纪录片系列这使得anentertaining自旋对这个充满活力的世界昆虫。主办 theinternationally著名昆虫学家乔治brossard , insectia是theultimate比喻昆虫和人类。

List of all the episodes :

Insectia Aquatic Insects
Insectia Life in a Single Tree
Insectia Life in the Desert
Insectia Masquerade
Insectia Outlaws
Insectia Scorpions
Insectia The Grand Alliance
Insectia Weavers Island

An insect enthusiast from a veryearly age, Brossard held a career as a notary until the age of 38. Hethen started to travel, and on his travels studied the insects he cameacross with deep interest. In 1989, after having collected over 250 000specimens, he solicited the then mayor of Montreal, Jean Drapeau, toopen an insectarium. He and Pierre Bourque, then director of theMontreal Botanical Gardens, began a partnership to govern and operatethe Montreal Insectarium. Georges Brossard has also founded four otherinsectariums across the globe, some of which are located as far asShanghai and South Africa. Since the opening of the MontrealInsectarium, his collection, which he continues to amass through histravels, has grown to over 500 000 specimens. Brossard has also written and directed 20 episodes of Memoiresd'insectes (Insect Diaries), and was the creator and host of thetelevised series Insectia. He is the cofounder and copresident ofMontreal's Cinema IMAX les Ailes. As Brossard says "First catch of our expedition & it won't be thelast because we're heading for a huge tropical rainforest....with theproper net"
昆虫爱好者从veryearly年龄, brossard举行了一次职业生涯,作为公证员,直到38岁。 hethen开始旅行,并就他在旅行研究昆虫,他cameacross与浓厚的兴趣。在1989年后,收集了25万个标本,他征求了当时的蒙特利尔市市长,让我们Drapeau , toopen一个insectarium 。他和皮埃尔bourque ,然后主任themontreal植物园,开始了伙伴关系,以治理和operatethe蒙特利尔insectarium 。乔治brossard还成立了4个otherinsectariums世界各地,其中一部份是位于据asshanghai和南非。自通车以来,该 montrealinsectarium ,他的藏品,他会继续大肆聚敛通过histravels ,已增加至超过50万标本。

brossard也写和导演的20集的memoiresd'insectes (昆虫日记) ,是造物者和东道国的thetelevised系列insectia 。他是创始人之一和copresident ofmontreal的电影院的IMAX就业辅导组艾尔斯。

作为brossard说: "首先赶上我们的探险队&它不会被众多,因为我们正在走向一个巨大的热带雨林....与theproper网